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Pro-Tech Search, founded in 1993, is a nationally recognized executive search and professional staffing firm with a 95% repeat-client ratio, exceptional in our industry. We are about your business because we are you. We understand your culture because we live this culture. Our company considers success without integrity
to be failure.

We have spent over 20 years developing and perfecting our unique “team approach” to the search and selection process. This time-tested search methodology combined with a recruitment team truly committed to our client and candidate relationships, have positioned us among the best executive search firms in the country.  We continue to refine and adapt to keep pace with our ever changing world.

If you are looking for a track-record of success, a committed relational partnership and an Executive Search Firm who is an expert in your industry – then we invite you to call Pro-Tech Search today and experience the “Pro-Tech Difference”.

Here are just a few facts we’re proud to share with you:

  • 95% of the clients who use us once, come back to us again! Our “repeat client ratio” is one of the highest in the industry.
  • Pro-Tech Search completes the average search in just under 6 weeks.
  • Pro-Tech offers a 90-day guarantee that protects your investment and ensures you will get a person you’re happy with.
Pro-Tech Search, Inc. | 944 Clocktower Drive | Springfield, Illinois 62704 | PH: 800-680-2853 | info@pro-techsearch.com