Executive Search

Executive Search

The opportunities and challenges in our IT marketplace have never been greater than they are today.  As a result, the acquisition, development, and retention of talent have never been more important.  We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, however our job is to make sure we here at Pro-Tech find the most ideal match – the absolute best candidate for your role, your culture, and your specific organization.

Just as the business of IT requires specialists in their field, the same can be said for this business of people acquisition.  This is where partnering with a 25+ year veteran executive search firm like Pro-Tech Search, can give you the competitive edge!  Regardless of the hiring need, whether adding a new Network Engineer, CTO, Director of Information Technology or any number of IT Executives, these positions all require a thorough understanding of the performance and dynamics of your organization and your leadership team.  

Our information gathering process allows for a thorough understand of your specific organization, creating a roadmap from which to identify and assess the best overall fit into your organization.  We then go to work researching available talent in the marketplace to identify, screen, package and present only talent inline with your business needs. This time-proven comprehensive search processes has resulted in a 95% repeat-client ratio, exceptional for our industry! 

When you combine this time-tested search process with our guarantee, which protects your investment to insure you get a person you are happy with, you can see why Pro-Tech Search is positioned to become your next Search Partner!

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