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At Pro-Tech Search, we recognize that no two clients or positions are the same. Regardless of the complexity of your need you will always receive the full force and benefit of our Client Focused Process. The components that make up this highly effective business strategy are intertwined in everything we do.


Top 10 reasons you should work with Pro-Tech Search:

  1. We will work hard to learn about your company, the position you are looking to fill and the specific skills and abilities of the individual you would like to hire.
  2. We pre-screen and present only qualified candidates.
  3. You only pay a fee if you hire an individual we present.
  4. We provide an unconditional 90-day guarantee
  5. We have a proven track record of providing highly qualified candidates.
  6. 95% of our clients are so satisfied that they return to us time and again to help them fill their openings.
  7. We provide in-depth reference checks on candidates to whom you are considering making an employment offer.
  8. We will do background checks – criminal, financial, work history, drug screening, etc. as you request.
  9. We save your company staff time and resources by doing the research, screening candidates, scheduling appointments and providing detailed reference and background checks.
  10. There is no obligation on your part to hire one of the candidates we present.   You can continue to search on your own if you choose and if you identify a better candidate, we encourage you to hire the person that is the most qualified and best fit for your company.
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