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Quiting Time: 5 signs it’s time to leave your job

Before you resign, make sure you’re leaving for the right reasons.

Quitting is never easy. There will always be high and low points in your job, but how do you know when the bad aspects outweigh the good?

Here are some signs that will help you decide when it’s time to look elsewhere for work.

Your health is at risk

Sure, everyone has a bad day at the office now and then. However, if you dread going to work each morning, count the minutes until you can leave, or regularly have nightmares about the office, it can affect your mental, and even physical health. Take it as a sign that it’s time to make some changes. No job is worth risking your well-being.

You hate what you do

When you’re new to the workforce or making a career transition, you’ll find that some unglamorous positions will be necessary steps toward your dream job. In these instances, it’s best to learn as much as you can while keeping the bigger picture in mind. However, if you can’t stand the thought of having your boss’ job, then it’s time to start searching for other work that better aligns with your long-term job goals.

You don’t fit in

Cultural fit is a key factor in choosing the right job. You could have all the right qualifications, but if you don’t fit in with the team, then you ultimately won’t be successful. Consider your core values and your ideal working environment, including communication style, leadership style, and so forth. If you and your current company don’t see eye-to-eye on these topics, it might be time to make a move to a team that does.

You’re no longer challenged 

If you’re no longer learning or growing in your role and the job has become too easy, consider your options. Before you decide to move on, find out if there are other opportunities within your organization or additional responsibilities you could take on that allow you to develop professionally. If these opportunities don’t exist and you’re no longer passionate about the work, think about exploring opportunities elsewhere.

The company isn’t stable

You hear around the water cooler about another round of lay-offs. You’ve managed to keep your head down through the last few downsizings, but you’re losing faith in management’s ability to turn things around and company morale is at an all-time low. Now’s the time to secure a new position.

*Written by Amanda Augustine, Job Search Expert, Twitter: @JobSearchAmanada

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