Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Use social media to improve your resume.

Social Media Mistakes Can Cost You A Job

As job seekers, it’s important to be more careful about what we post.  Why?  More than 90% of recruiters use social media to screen candidates and the slightest slip-up could end your chances of getting a job.  In short, first impressions matter.

With recruiters and employers watching, be careful about what you share. Here’s what to keep an eye on when posting online.

Keep your tweets clean

If you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter right now, you might be amazed at how often people use profanity online. According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), one in five candidates use social media to post derogatory comments. This type of behavior shows immaturity and carelessness, so be smart and keep your profile clean of swear words. Remember, when you post something online, it lives forever.

Don’t complain about work online

We all have bad days and social media can often be the platform people use to vent about their workload. In fact, SHRM reports 33% of candidates do just that. It’s important to avoid posting negative comments about your company, especially if you’re friends with your boss or a co-worker. If your employer catches on to your passive aggressive posting, it can catch up to you and future employers will notice as well.

Avoid illegal substances

This one should be simple: don’t talk about using drugs or alcohol online, even if you’re off the clock. However, nearly half (48%) of applicants have pictures or information depicting “under the influence” behavior, reports SHRM. Be professional and remember that your employer doesn’t want to know what you do after work, so don’t tell them.

Tone down the selfies

Another issue is the infamous self-photograph, what we’ve come to know as the “selfie.” A line needs to be drawn on what you show and how often you do so. If the image appears sexual in any way, don’t post it. Keep those photos private; your boss or future employer is not interested in how great your hair looks.

Be careful when you update

If you’re currently employed but looking for a new job, you need to be aware of what your current employer sees. Recruiters for your company might notice, “looking for a position as…” and ask why you’re doing so and it could impact your current employment. It’s better to have a conversation with your manager about looking for a new job as opposed to keeping it “secret.”

Grammar matters

Lastly, one of the biggest red flags to avoid on social media is poor grammar. SHRM reports that 30% of candidates fall into this category, ultimately turning away potential employers. Spellcheck is your friend.

First impressions matter and it’s best to keep social media in mind during the job hunt, so start by searching yourself online to see what shows up and clean up anything that could be a red flag. Taking the time to do so could make or break your job hunt.

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