Professional Search Recruiter Answers the Question "Should I Change Jobs?"

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Should I Change Jobs?

As a professional search recruiter, I certainly won’t try to persuade you to make a change if you are happy with your current job. You don’t want to make a move and then look back and realize that you were much better off before. Consider the common reasons people want to stay with their current employer.

Challenged and Engaged

Do you hop out of bed every morning, eager to get to work? Are you totally engaged and are you challenged by the work you do? Then, you may want to stay put. If you love the work you do and find it rewarding, you probably aren’t looking to change jobs.

Hard to Leave Your Friends

Employers try very hard to encourage a culture of friendship and fellowship. Companies know that it is easy to leave your job, but hard to leave your friends. If you work in a supportive environment and interact every day with people you enjoy, then you may not want to make a job change.

Family Doesn’t Want to Move

Would your family mind if you changed companies? Your spouse and children have to be consulted. If they are involved in social activities with the families of your coworkers, then your family may not support a job change. If relocation is required, it may not be a good time for them to leave the area. If this is the case, it may not be the right time to change jobs.

Supportive Network

Do you trust your employer? Can you count on your company to understand and support you through good times and bad? If you feel the company is secure and you have a safe place there, you may want to think twice about it being time for a job change.

Time to Take a New Direction

You might be asking yourself, “Should I change jobs?” Today’s workplace is different. People don’t necessarily work their way up the career ladder. In most cases, they transfer through several companies seeking positions of increasing responsibility. They set a career goal and carefully map a way to reach their target.

When is it time to change jobs? You’ll know when the time is right. Consider all the factors discussed above. Be sure you change for the right reasons. Make a list of pros and cons. Gather all the information you need to make an informed decision.

 And when it’s time to take a new direction, give Pro-Tech Search a call!

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