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Engineering Recruiting for In-Demand Jobs

Engineering Recruiting

Executive Search for Engineering Careers

Pro-Tech Search’s engineering recruiting division is at the forefront of recruitment across the engineering sector. Through our network of international operations, we support all stages of the engineering lifecycle and are dedicated to supporting companies and professionals with their ongoing recruitment challenges.

We utilize multiple resources in order to locate the correct skill-sets/candidates our clients are seeking. We accept as short or as long a contract as you need.  We’ve had IT contractors onsite for as little as 6 weeks and as long as 7 years.

We have a seamless Contract-to-Hire process, where the “search fee” is paid down each time the candidate works.  Should a Company want to hire a contractor that they are “renting hourly” from us, all they have to do is pay a onetime (buy out) search fee and the candidate then becomes their employee (rolling over to their payroll and off of ours). Other companies usually do not offer this.

Our recruiters identify and deliver the technical and operational talent who meet or exceed qualifications and have demonstrated expertise critical to your business and in line with the company’s business objectives.

Our executive search consultants specialize in Lighting, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Automotive industries.

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